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Summer School 2017

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Summer School 2017

Looking for a fun way to learn English this summer? Tokyo Waseda International Christian School will be hosting a two-week English summer school program for kindergarten through 8th grade students, July 24 to August 4, 2017. The theme will be Wilderness Adventure, and students can choose up to four courses (two courses per week) in the following subjects:


English (English Camp / Intermediate) - Miss Miko

English (A Camping we will go / Beginner ESL) - Miss Roh 

Math (Math Hunt) -Mr. Paul

Social Studies (Explorers)-Mr. Berry

Science (Wild Science)-Miss Barnett

Bible (Jesus’ Journey) – 1st week only- Dr. Im.


Classes will include games, crafts, songs, puzzles, experiments, and more.


Students who are just beginning to learn English are also welcome to attend! We will be offering an ESL (English as a Second Language) class with the theme A Camping We Will Go. Beginning English-learners may take this course for two weeks in addition to a Bible class the first week and a Chinese class the second week (for a total of four classes).


Summer school tuition will be based on the number of weeks attended and number of classes taken. For students attending four classes (two each week), the total cost will be \30,000. For all other students, each one-week class will be \10,000.


We hope to see you at Summer School 2017: Wilderness Adventure!



WICS Staff​