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Important Announcement: Modified Schedule

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February 26, 2020


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Because of the threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Japanese Government is cautioning Tokyo residents to avoid public spaces and transportation during the times when they are especially crowded. In order to protect our students, we are instituting an adjusted half-day schedule which will allow them to avoid public transportation during peak travel times.


Starting on Thursday, 27 February 2020, students will arrive at school by 10:00 AM and leave by 2:35 PM (14:35). All after-school clubs and activities (except Robotics and Violin) will be suspended until further notice. At 2:45, all students must go home.


If necessary, please make alternative travel arrangements so that your students can get to school at the new start time, 10:00AM.

WICS Speech Contest 2020 postponed as well. 












WICS Speech Contest 2020も延期されましたのでご理解ください。