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First day- Additional Announcement

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Dear Parents and Students,

Please note the following important announcements about our first day back at school on Monday.

1. For these last three weeks of school, we will not require uniforms. Please make sure that student clothing is:
• Clean
• Not ripped or excessively worn
• At least fingertip length when standing (for shorts and skirts)
• Appropriate (no violent or suggestive messages, swear words, etc.)
• Modest (shirts and dresses should cover the shoulders, midriff, back; clothing should not be too low-cut or too tight)
2. To discourage congregating in groups, 4th-12th grade students will be asked not to use their lockersThey should bring only what they need for each day and keep their backpacks on their seats with them.
3. Middle and high school students will begin using a block schedule, meaning that they will have two 85-minute classes per day. On Monday:
• Middle school students (6th-8th) will have science and math.
• High school students will have English and social studies.

Please plan which textbooks to bring accordingly. We will distribute more detailed schedules to students when they arrive at school.

Stay safe and well!

We will see you on Monday.


WICS Staff