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Dong-yeol Kwak
Globalization is greatly stressed in today’s educational environment. However, is Globalization limited merely to learning English?

I believe that true Globalization is to express oneself based on the everlasting value that surpasses any time period and location. Developing communication skills to understand the perspective of others is crucial to becoming a global citizen.

Students of WICS would know the purpose of God’s creation, realize the unchanging truth, promote individual spiritual gifts, and make steps towards their visions with an education rooted in Biblical values.

WICS sets its goal to nurture Christian leaders of the next generation who are filled with God’s love and justice by offering an education in intellect, character, and faith in accordance with the Christian spirit. We are confident that we can work with students to help them take active roles in today’s international stage.

Sincerely Headmaster
Chaplain and International Advisor
Chandler H.IM
Warm greetings in the name of Jesus Christ from Shinjuku, Tokyo

I began my new ministry on September 1, 2016 as Tokyo-WICS’ chaplain and international advisor.

I pray that by God’s grace and providence, our school would continue to serve the global Christian community in the Tokyo area by educating the next generation of young leaders for Japan, for Asia, and for the whole world.

Sincerely Chaplain and International Advisor
Esther Lee
WICS is an international school established on Christian values. We promise to provide a Bible-based education program which teaches our students to hone universal values that transcend generations and geographical areas. These values would nurture future Christian leaders who love God, their neighbors and themselves.

WICS has invited an excellent faculty to provide high quality education that leads students to attend globally recognized universities. We also arranged educational experts who assist students to study abroad following post secondary education.

Students will not only learn English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, but also take part in multicultural history programs.

Furthermore, WICS is a school that cooperates with its students and parents. The parents will gain trust in their children's education, and students will have the special experience of growing with the school. Please feel free to come visit us. We would appreciate your prayers and suggestions.

Sincerely Principal