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Educational Philosophy
WICS is located in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. We aim to cultivate young men and women of this generation by providing our students with courses based on biblical values. They will learn to be contributing members of society where they will identify themselves as Christian, glorify God, and have positive impacts on humanity.

Throughout human history, education has been one of the most important issues in society. In Japan, a high truancy rate, bullying, and collapse of order in classes have become areas of concern. Meanwhile in Korea, a distrust of public education has led to excessive private education, and many students study abroad at an early age. These educational concerns result in serious issues within society, such as difficulty developing character through education, collapse of family structure, and a widening gap between the rich and the poor.

Because these problems are getting worse year after year, it is an urgent task to train young people to have moral values, intellect, and integrity based on biblical principles. Tokyo Waseda International Christian School was founded to address these needs, to glorify God, and to cultivate talents that would positively impact the lives of as many people as possible.
Statement of Educational Philosophy
All curricula are based on biblical values, encouraging students to recognize their own Christian identity.
Students will have opportunities to serve God and their neighbors as they live out the biblical teaching of "Love your neighbor as yourself." They will strive to become global leaders who pray for others and overcome self-centered tendencies.
WICS will provide students an education that cultivates their God-given visions and talents. As they discover their own unique abilities, students will learn to recognize them as spiritual gifts from God and use them to positively impact society.
Students will be taught biblical views and given partnership opportunities with other countries. By receiving education about both their own and foreign languages and cultures, students will be prepared to thrive in a global environment.
WICS provides an educational environment that allows parents and teachers to be involved in educating their students together. Beginning at home, students will get a three-dimensional education (home, WICS, students) through close cooperation and information exchange between the school and parents.
By inviting guest lecturers who are experts in their fields, students will develop a broad perspective and will be well equipped to choose the best career for their interests and talents.